Villas for sale in Dubai starting From 1 Million AED

Villas for sale in Dubai starting From 1 Million AED

UAE offers a unique lifestyle and a new way of living featuring all the comfort and luxury.  This has attracted many large families in UAE with different purposes, some of them come with the aim of work, housing, or investment. This life you will find only in Villas for sale in Dubai starting from 1 million AED.

Villas for sale in Akoya Oxygen starting from 1 million AED

The Akoya Oxygen residential project is one of the special residential projects for DAMAC Properties. The project includes many luxury residential villas that suit large families and investors. The units have a range of spacious green areas and charming landscapes. In addition to facilities entertainment and social services. Therefore, the percentage of demand for Villas for sale in Akoya Oxygen starts from 1 million AED, 90.61%, due to the provision of featured housing, full services, and facilities. Whereas, the average price of villas in the region is about 988,000 AED. Which led to an increase in the investment return rate of about 5.8%.

Villas for sale in Dubai Industrial Park for 1 million AED

Dubai Industrial Park is an important center in industrial, commercial, and residential development in the UAE. The project extends over an area of 700,000 square feet, and the investments from the project are estimated at about 200 million AED. The project provides Villas for sale in Dubai for 1 million AED, all of which feature all the distinguished services and facilities and are designed at the highest level of luxury and sophistication. It also features a location near the main areas and services. In addition to the calm atmosphere, the comfortable environment and the beautiful landscapes surrounding the entire area.

Cheap Villas for sale in Dubai

Many customers may prefer to buy residential units in Dubai, due to the property diversity that is featured by the fact that it gives an opportunity for all groups of people to obtain the unit they want in different residential communities and towers starting from apartments, villas, penthouses, at reasonable and cheap prices, you can take advantage of the opportunity and get the unit. Consequently, Dubai is a city that includes many residential units of different types of properties, and we in Msknk meet the requests of customers by providing suitable villas for sale in Dubai or apartments for sale in Dubai.

Villas for sale in Dubai in installments

Villas for sale in Dubai with one million AED by division are an opportunity for anyone who wants to get a residential unit in Dubai but does not have enough money to buy a house in cash.  Therefore, some property companies have provided a housing opportunity by offering many different units in installments. It is also featured by the fact that there are no limits on areas, so you can freely choose your home and the area you want, in addition to choosing the right location for you. Such as Damac Properties Villas, Shamoos Residential Compound, Sharjah City, and other projects, Msknk can help you make the best choice.

Villas for sale in Dubai directly from the owner

Some customers may be exposed when they want to get a housing unit and want to book with a property company directly, they may have to deal with a broker, which leads to a higher cost.  Therefore, some need to deal directly with the company that owns the project, and this is available in Dubai with Msknk, these are the advantages of dealing with us.

  •  Direct purchase of properties from developers.
  •  Free advice.
  •  Free reservation.
  •  without commission.
  •  Reservation in one minute.
  •  Quick response on WhatsApp

There is no need to search for a house or villa anymore. In this article, we have provided you with a list of villas for sale in Dubai worth one million AED. All services, facilities, and various recreational activities are available, and the interior and exterior designs are inspired by modern European design. A unique life that you will enjoy every moment with your family.

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