DAMAC Hills 2 ( Akoya by DAMAC )

Continuation of Damac Hills:
Damac Hills 2 was envisioned as a natural extension of the original Damac Hills development, aiming to build on the success and amenities of the first phase.

Residential Properties:
Like its predecessor, Damac Hills 2 likely featured a mix of residential properties, including villas, townhouses, and possibly apartments, providing various housing options for residents.

Golf Course and Amenities:
It was expected to maintain the emphasis on luxury living and could include additional amenities such as golf courses, parks, schools, healthcare facilities, retail centers, and other recreational spaces.

Modern Architecture:
DAMAC Properties is known for its commitment to modern and aesthetically pleasing architectural designs. Damac Hills 2 was likely to continue this trend, offering contemporary and upscale living spaces.

Being part of the larger Damac Hills development, Damac Hills 2 was expected to benefit from its strategic location, providing residents with convenient access to major road networks and public transportation options.

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