Dubai Harbour

Dubai Harbour is located between the Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Residences, offering a prime waterfront location along the Arabian Gulf.

Marina and Cruise Terminal:
One of the significant features of Dubai Harbour is the Dubai Harbour Marina, which is set to be the largest yacht marina in the region. Additionally, the development includes a cruise terminal, enhancing Dubai’s status as a major cruise destination.

Luxury Residences:
Dubai Harbour is expected to feature a mix of luxury residential options, including apartments and possibly villas, providing residents with stunning views of the sea, the Dubai Marina skyline, and iconic landmarks.

The development is likely to include a range of amenities such as waterfront promenades, retail spaces, dining options, and recreational facilities to create a comprehensive and vibrant community.

Skydive Dubai:
Dubai Harbour is in close proximity to Skydive Dubai, a popular destination for adventure enthusiasts offering skydiving experiences with stunning aerial views of the Dubai coastline.

Dubai Lighthouse:
The development is home to the Dubai Lighthouse, an iconic architectural structure designed to serve as a multifunctional observation tower and a striking landmark in the area.

Transportation Connectivity:
Dubai Harbour is well-connected with easy access to major road networks, providing convenient transportation options for residents and visitors.

Smart City Features:
Like many modern developments in Dubai, Dubai Harbour is likely to incorporate smart city features, emphasizing technology and innovation for enhanced living experiences.

Beachfront Living:
Given its location along the coast, Dubai Harbour offers residents the opportunity for beachfront living, with easy access to pristine sandy beaches.

Cultural and Entertainment:
The development may include cultural and entertainment spaces, creating a well-rounded community with options for leisure and recreation.

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