Housess Real Estate

505/506 Park Height Square 02, Dubai Hills, Dubai, U.A.E.
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Property Types

  • 69% Apartment
  • 22% Villa
  • 6% Townhouse
  • 3% Other

Property Status

  • 86% For Sale
  • 14% For Rent

Property Cities

  • 92% Dubai
  • 3% مربلة
  • 6% Other

About Housess Real Estate

Revolutionizing Real Estate: The Housess Real Estate Approach

Founding Principles

Housess Real Estate, established by industry veteran Zain Khan, stands firm on the values of transparency, honesty, and reliability. These principles form the bedrock of our mission to reshape the real estate landscape in the UAE.

A Dedicated Team

Backed by a passionate core team, Housess Real Estate is committed to delivering a premier real estate experience. Our adept management and expert consultants are strategically positioned to cater to the needs of both buyers and sellers, ensuring unparalleled service every step of the way.

Innovative Business Model

Recognizing the need for a more efficient approach to real estate transactions, we have engineered a structured business model. This model emphasizes clearly defined roles, seamless technology integration, and standardized processes, empowering our agents to excel in their respective responsibilities.

Streamlined Processes

At Housess Real Estate, each stage of the real estate journey is meticulously managed by dedicated professionals. Through the utilization of cutting-edge software, we automate tasks related to buying and selling homes, resulting in a smoother, hassle-free experience for our clients.

Unmatched Value

We take pride in offering exceptional service at a fraction of the cost. By adopting a flat fee structure, we provide incredible value that significantly undercuts traditional commissions. We aim to make high-quality real estate services accessible to all, ushering in a new era of affordability and efficiency.

Cultivating Lasting Relationships

At the heart of Housess Real Estate is a commitment to building enduring connections with our clients. Our dedication to service excellence and innovation has fostered a culture of transparency and trust, ensuring that every interaction with us is nothing short of remarkable.

Pioneering Change

We believe in challenging the status quo and driving meaningful change within the industry. Through our relentless pursuit of a better way, we strive to redefine the real estate experience, one satisfied client at a time.

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